Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Energy Efficient Garage Doors

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Why Choose Energy Efficient Garage Doors?

Homeowners know that garage doors are a big part of the energy equation. There’s a huge difference with having energy-efficient garage doors, especially for those whose garages are attached to the house. Whether you want insulated garage doors to lower your energy bills, or support all things green right now, investing in energy-efficient garage doors is a great decision.

The good things is, garage door technology has come a long way. Years of development and new materials have made all kinds of garage doors perfect for energy efficiency requirements. So whether you are partial to wood, steel, composite, fiberglass, or vinyl garage doors, you can have custom garage door options to satisfy the best insulation garage door requirements.

Top 5 Reasons For Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Here are five big reasons why investing in energy-efficient garage doors is worth your money:

1. You Can Enjoy A Stable Home Temperature All Year Long

There is no risk that outside air will enter your home through your garage with insulated garage doors. The result? Your house stays considerably cooler in the summertime, and alternatively will be warmer during winter because cold draft does not enter the garage.

There are so many benefits to having a controlled temperature indoors. For one, you can keep on using your garage door area even in sweltering days and freezing months. Many homeowners prefer to create storage spaces in their garage, make the garage a home gym, or even have an extension of living room there.

The insulated garage door can help decrease heat loos in insulated areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and indoor playrooms. With insulated garage doors, you can add up to 1-2 extra degrees of warmth in these previously unheated spots. This means that when it is already hot outside you can keep a specific room warm without having to turn on your heating system or putting on more clothes just because of the drafting coming from the garage door! It also means that during cold winter days, you can maintain a consistent temperature. Investing in insulation can make things much more comfortable in your garage area, even when outside temperatures fluctuate.

2. Decrease Your Home’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Insulated garage doors are an integral part of every homeowners carbon footprint plan – they provide excellent insulation properties that can significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions indoors.

And while you might think that it’s not such a big deal, statistics suggest that homes also contribute to the earth’s carbon problem. According to the contributors to the earth’s carbon problem. For instance, a New York Times article mentions that the average American home uses 25 percent of energy to heat spaces, and 11 percent for cooling. Having efficient insulation could lessen the power use for either heating or cooling purposes. In fact, insulated garage doors can help reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. That’s a win for the environment!

3. Your Car Stays Warm

Garage door insulation not only benefits your space, it can keep the vehicles stored here warm too! Ever had that experience when you’re in hurry to go somewhere and when you enter your car it’s like you’re freezing mad? Well, if you have poor insulation, you might be all too familiar with this scenario.

Energy-efficient units, those with the r18 insulated garage door seal, helps make getting into your car more comfortable during the cold months. And aside from the ease of entering the vehicle, keep the garage temperature regulated can help prevent the motor oil from thickening and impacting the moving parts. After all, cold temperatures make the car battery struggle harder – you get to preserve your car’s oil and battery function if you have energy-efficient garage doors.

4. You Help Heat The Living Space Above The Garage

Many homeowners notice that the room right above the garage could inevitably be affected temperature-wise. The cold air from the garage tends to rise through the floor and fill the above space. This result in a colder, uncomfortable living space. What if it’s a bedroom? That’s a big issues. Fortunately, investing in high insulation for your garage doors can solve the temperature problem that could come from the garage.

5. Insulation Can Lessen Noise

Insulated garage doors provide an additional layer of effective noise reduction. You can enjoy a quieter time indoors, which is pretty important if you use the garage for projects, as a workout room, or other activities. So aside from regulating temperature, this is another advantage of insulated garage doors.

The Best Insulated Garage Doors!

Garage doors have different insulation capabilities based on their R-value, which measures how well they can insulate against heat loss (and gain). You’ll see either an a U-value indicating insulation capacity. A higher R-value number means better thermal properties. Experts recommend getting at least an R-value of 11 or more if your garage is attached to your home. This maximizes all the insulation benefits mentioned above.

The U-value, meanwhile is the exact invers of the R-value. That’s because it’s the measure of how effective the entire door unit is at preventing heat loss. So you want a lower number for the U-value U-values range from 0 to 1.

When it comes to insulated garage doors, triple-layer insulation will, of course, provide the highest level of energy efficiency. Liquid foam polyurethane has twice the R-value per inch compared to traditional types of insulation, so that’s an even better, albeit expensive, option.

Aside from the industry R-value and U-value, color can also play a role in insulation. Bright colors reflect higher solar reflection, thereby increasing energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Garage Doors: The Takeaway

When you have energy-efficient, well-insulated garage doors, your home has regulated temperature, less carbon emissions, and more comfort. You’ll also save money on heating bills because the doors are highly durable and can last for a long time, benefiting both cold and warm-climate areas.

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